Sunday, May 8, 2016

We Made It, Ma!


 We miss and love you all!

After a special birthday breakfast the class embarked on an adventure to the National Museum of Scotland. The museum showcased a wide range of many different aspects of history from all over the world.
The main floor, in the same design as Kilmainham Jail that we viewed in Dublin.

In the Children's Room, Emily W, Brittany, and Kaurin learned about a shipwreck that resulted in a debris yard full of fossilized china products. This ship was called Jonge Thomas.

Emily W, Katelyn, and Sadie look at the World Music exhibit and compare it to the knowledge they acquired in the World Ethnic music class at Elmira.

A cast of Queen Mary of Scots's casket

Hannah and Allie look at a statue of St. Andrew, the patron saint of Scotland. The white cross on the flag is modeled after his X-cross.

Next, the class had sometime to explore different parts of Edinburgh that pertained to their interests. A group made the six mile round trip to Arthur's Seat. Arthur's Seat is located on the top of a mountain that sits right in the backyard of The Palace of Holyroodhouse. The journey took the group about two hours with a snack break at the top to enjoy the beautiful view of Edinburgh.

Amelia, Allie, Liz, and Emily W selfie at the halfway point in the hike

Emily O conquers the mountain on her special day

The crew attacks the crags at the top of the mountain

Meanwhile, some of the class continued to explore the shops and museums along The Royal Mile.

Sadie, Katelyn, and Corissa spent the day exploring Edinburgh and souvenir shopping to celebrate her birthday.

Pizza and garlic knots consumed in celebration

Lastly, we met up to enjoy a birthday dinner for our classmate Sadie. Our dinner included the traditional Scottish dish of Haggis. A large portion of the group enjoyed the experience and ordered the dish for a second time.

The Birthday Girl and her cheesecake

Katelyn, Emily O, Sadie, Corissa, and Erika


"My favorite part of the day was the hike we went on. It was perfect weather and a great way to see Scotland."

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