Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Showers in Bath

A rainy day in Bath:

  • Splashing through the Roman Baths
  • Swimming through a Sea of Fashion at the Fashion Museum

After a quick breakfast, the class took the Tube to the train station, for our journey to Bath.

Professor Wolfe, Emily O, Erika, and Corissa walk through the streets of Bath

While in Bath the class took a bus tour where we learned the rich history of Bath. We learned about what histories Jane Austen, Beau Nash, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, John Wood (the Elder,) and Prince Frederick had with Bath. Jane Austen lived in Bath and referenced it in all of her books, despite the fact that she didn't love living there. Beau Nash helped build and refine the culture of Bath, welcoming the aristocracy to partake in the bathing traditions of the Romans. Isambard Brunel improved and help spread railways and the technology associated with them. John Wood was extremely influential in the architecture of Bath in the Georgian period, maintaining the classic Roman feel. Prince Frederick was meant to become King of England, but was killed in a tennis accident by a real tennis ball.

Amelia and Emily W look out over the Roman Baths for the first time

The aerial view of the Roman Baths

Kaurin and Allie observe the Hot Spring from above

The Hot Spring

Brittany looks at the model of the baths at the time of the Romans

 Kaurin, Allie, and Hannah look at the ruins from the temple

Liz, Hannah, Brittany, Kaurin, Amelia, Emily W, and Allie pose with one 
of the actors at the Roman Baths

At the Roman Baths, we learned how the Romans cultivated the Hot Spring to flow into the bath and then drain, naturally cycling the spring water through the building. We also learned a lot about Roman culture and how they believed that the Goddess Minerva inhabited the spring and provided the "healing" water for them. Also, during the Georgian revival of the baths, the citizens of Bath would wake up at 6 AM and bath for three hours, standing in the water up to their necks.

After the Roman Baths, we visited the Fashion Museum, where we observed the evolution of fashion from the 18th century, all the way to modern day. Linens, silks, and crinolines turned to denim, sequins, and jersey cotton right before our eyes. We even got to take a step back in time by trying on replicas of some of the historical dresses we saw.

Allie, Emily W, Kaurin, Liz, Brittany, Sadie, and Katelyn pose in clothing from
the 1700's and 1800's at the Fashion Museum


Emily's favorite part of the day was visiting the Fashion Museum and trying on the fabulous outfit pictured above.

" I loved being able to learn about and physically see the differences in textile, style, and form of clothing from one decade to the next throughout the centuries. Fashion has always been an interest of mine, so this experience is one I will not soon forget!"

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