Course Description


Emeritus Professor Gerald Parkhouse offered this course for twenty years with the focus on England.  For the past ten years, Professor Wolfe has been offering this course.  Professor Wolfe has added Northern Ireland (Belfast),  Scotland (Edinburgh and surrounding areas), Wales (Cardiff), and the Republic of Ireland (Dublin and the surrounding areas) to the course travel itinerary. 
Professor Alison Wolfe

Course Description:
This course is an introduction to the history, peoples, and institutions of the United Kingdom and Ireland through an educational tour of United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, and each year it is tentative if we travel to Northern Ireland) and Dublin, Ireland. Specifically, it will introduce the students to the historical, political, economic, artistic, literary, cultural, and educational environments of the countries, through a multi-dimensional focus on developments up to the present day. Students will also be exposed to British and Irish institutions, such as the respective Parliaments, as well as the Cities of Dublin, Cardiff, Edinburgh, and London, also including Oxford University, Trinity University, and major museums and architecture.
In the 2016 course, the students will also be exposed to the rich heritage by traveling to England, Ireland, Scotland, and Wales, and the Republic of Ireland.

Method of Instruction:
Lectures and films, individual and group activities, field trips, readings, and class discussions.

     Before our great European adventure our class had six, three hour long classes on campus. These        classes took place on: November 15, 2015
                                        December 6, 2015
                                        January 31, 2016
                                        February 6, 2016
                                        February 28, 2016
                                        April 10, 2016
      We then had three rigorous days of class, which lasted eight hours. These took place on:
                                       April 25, 2016
                                       April 26, 2016
                                       April 27, 2016

Learning Resources:
Dillon, P. (2010). The story of Britain. Somerville, MA: Candlewick.
Grant, R. (2011). History of Britain and Ireland: The definitive visual guide. London: DK Publishing.
Phillips, C. (2012). The illustrated history of the Kings and Queens of Britain. London: Southwater.