Friday, May 13, 2016

Maze Runners & a Tea Party

Events of the day:
  • Hampton Court
  • High Tea
  • Trip to Portabello Rd
 Today the HUM 1915 class took a trip to Hampton Court Palace. Hampton sits directly on the river Thames, and was the primary home of Henry VIII. It was very interesting to see the many different rooms of the palace and how they were influenced by Henry's six different wives. The class toured the massive kitchens, galleries, apartments, and even a kitchen specifically devoted to chocolate. However, the most mesmerizing area was the 60 acres of gardens. The gardens featured many beautiful plants, but this months bloomers included many wildflowers, pansies, tulips, and bluebells.

Professor Wolfe leads the class into Hampton Court

Hampton from a distance

Hampton from closer up

Courtyard in Hampton Court

Brittany, Emily W, Allie, Kaurin, and Liz in the gardens

Emily O, Erika, and Corissa in the gardens

Kate, Sadie, Amelia, and Hannah in the gardens

On the grounds is  a wonderful maze, and as per classtradition, there was a friendly competition to see who could complete it first. Amelia and Allie blew the competition away and completed the maze in less than 10 minutes!

Amelia and Allie featuring their first place prizes 

Group pic in front of the palace

Next, the class enjoyed a formal tea at The Cavendish hotel. The class had the opportunity to get a taste of the culture of the United Kingdom by sampling 10 different kinds of tea, as well as enjoying yummy traditional desserts. Some of the desserts included chocolate mousse, scones, and the ever famous macaroons. 
Hotel where we had High Tea

Tea party

Finger sandwiches and sweets

Scones, to be eaten with clotted cream

We then experienced more of the nation's culture by observing different shops and markets. The first stop was to Fortnum & Mason, an extremely classy store where Queen Elizabeth II shops once a week incognito. Unfortunately, she was not spotted today by the HUM 1915 class, but we did get to marvel at the beautiful displays featuring the new Alice and Wonderland theme. Just a week before the store was closed for the premier of the displays so the cast of the new film could be the first to see. Actors such as Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway were present.

The class coming out of Fortnum & Mason


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