Friday, May 6, 2016

From Leprechauns to Bagpipes

Travel Facts in Numbers:

  • 1 professor
  • 12 students
  • 15 wheeled suitcases
  • 12 carry-ons
  • 3 buses
  • 1 ferry
  • 2 Trains
  • 1 quarter mile stretch of walking

Today was a long day for the HUM 1915 travel course. The day started bright and early when we embarked for our long journey from Dublin, Ireland to Edinburgh, Scotland. First we took a small coach bus from our hotel to meet a ferry boat.

On the boat the girls enjoyed a movie as they crossed the Irish Sea.

This ferry boat would deliver us to Holyhead, Wales. where we would then catch two trains that would deliver us to our destination, Edinburgh.

Allie and the other students making their way through the first train station.

Emily W, Amelia, and Kaurin on the first train

Dinner in Edinburgh of pasties and wedges

Wheeling our luggage through Edinburgh

Serenaded by bagpipe as we walked through the city

Although it was a long day the class spent much of the day entertaining themselves by playing group games getting to know more about each other. After today we have learned a great deal about different classmates and how to navigate ourselves in new places while using different forms of transportation. We are excited to start exploring tomorrow, as our brief walk through the city provided a preview of what Scotland has to offer!


Allie's favorite moments of this very long, exhausting day were bonding with the class on the ferry boat in the movie theater and getting to see the beautiful Edinburgh for the first time.

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